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Cinch Tuning

Cinch Tuning FAQs

The Cinch Tuning is revolutionary and can be found nowhere else in the market. Whilst maintaining the traditional look of a West African rope-tuned hand drum, cinch tuning provides the fastest means to tune these drums, faster than anything presently used on any percussion instrument on the market.

We are convinced that once this is widely advertised hand drummers will scramble to own instruments with cinch tuning. Thus we believe our competitive position has a dual advantage, quality at reasonable prices, and exclusivity of the cinch system.

Mali Weave Tuning

Djembe Drum Tuning

Pull out excess rope (Fig. 1)Using two ropes to the right of the previous set of crossed ropes (shown in Fig. 4), start the weave pattern until you have created an "S" shape. To do this, weave the excess rope over 1 and 2, under 2, over 1, under 1 and 2 (Fig. 2).Now flip the "S" by holding the bottom loop of the "S" and pull down the top loop of the "S" (Fig. 3)Pull slack rope out and slide the flipped "S" down snug toward the bottom of the drum (Fig. 3).Now PULL HARD! to cross the two ropes so they hold (Fig. 4).Move to the right and repeat the procedure with the next two ropes until your drum sounds great!

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tuning tool for cinch tuning
tuning tool for cinch tuning
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tuning tool for cinch tuning
How To Tune Your Drum