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Everyone's Drumming was founded in 1994 in the village of Putney in southern Vermont, where we have never wavered from our original objective of producing the high quality hand drums which are now recognized in the industry as the finest available. Used by many big-name percussionists, these instruments are made from carefully selected softwoods and hardwoods, incorporating a stave construction technique combined with rope tuning and natural drumheads. The bearing edge and positioning of the rings make them the most comfortable drums to play, and a polyurethane finish, inside the shell as well as outside, provides for a very consistent and reliable sound.


At Everyone's Drumming Co. we are dedicated to making and selling music related products that are superior in quality, sound, and asthetics. We have always openly shared our ideas and beliefs in the hopes that it will create the interest for others to make music and musical instruments. With the sharing of knowledge we believe that people will be more creative and excited to use the tools that they have to better themselves and in turn share it with other people. We feel that drumming can be used in so many ways to help people. The drummer in a band is like the glue that holds it all together and the music created soothes the soul. The community drum circle brings people together with no words spoken. Used correctly the drum can be an incredible healing tool. So we have a constant mission of supplying people with an instrument that helps create happiness in our society.